Rainer Ganahl


May 14 - June 14, 2008

installation view

installation view

Since the early 1990's Ganahl has considered the study of foreign
languages to be a major part of his art practice. His interest lies in the
social and political dimensions, rather than the linguistic properties,
of language. His work addresses eurocentrism, the complicated
relationship between power and knowledge and their institutions,
the intellectual arrogance associated with educational ideologies and
nation-building, and the specific/particular value systems that are
inscribed in languages. Ganahl's language-related works take on a
variety of different forms and include actual language studying over
time (Japanese, Russian, Korean, Modern Greek, Chinese etc.),
interviews, seminars/lectures, videos, objects, works on paper and
on line (www.ganahl.org) as well as photographs and performances.

In "motherfatherdaughter" the work turns towards personal narrative,
and the consequences of immigration and borders, with an exploration,
through photography and video, of a broken family. The exhibition
consists of fifteen large format photographs and three single-channel

motherfatherdaughter is Ganahl's third exhibition at Paul Petro Contemporary Art.

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