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Group Exhibition

artist books and catalogues
June 14 - July 15, 2017

Will Munro History Glamour Magic

Group Exhibition
Will Munro History Glamour Magic, 2013
survey exhibition catalogue
Art Gallery of York University
176 pages

As part of Art Book Week, a series of city wide events that bring attention to new and exciting artist's book projects as well as increase the visibility of Toronto's art publishing community, Paul Petro Contemporary Art is pleased to assemble a selection of artist books, catalogues and periodicals, and to launch two new publications.

artist books and catalogues by

Stephen Andrews, Jane Buyers, Marlene Creates, Tom Dean, Maura Doyle, Gary Evans, FASTWÜRMS, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Robert Flack, Sadko Hadzihasanovic, Matthias Herrmann, Nelson Henricks, G.B, Jones, Bernie Miller, Olia Mishchenko, Janet Morton, Will Munro, Jeanne Randolph, Melanie Rocan, Gretchen Salkey, Morley Shayuk, Ho Tam, Nell Tenhaaf, Carol Wainio and others.

Including the following artist books: Stephen Andrews's Water (1990), Sonnets (1994), Maura Doyle’s Guide to Beaver Architecture and Olia Mishchenko’s Ravine World.

New artist books: Maggie Groat's Almanac, Sholem Krishtalka's A Berlin Diary, and Vincent Trasov’s Mr Peanut Drawings.

In conjunction with the group exhibition So Lightly Here, June 9 - July 15, 2017.