Robin Fry

A Midnight Scumbler

November 16, 2012 - January 12, 2013

Head Descender
Slow Time
Gold Pour

Head Descender

Head Descender, 2012
acrylic, glitter and glue on canvas board
16 x 12 inches

"These recent paintings explore optics, color relationships and surface quality while forming loose narratives within exotic and impossible mindscapes. In a trance state of intuitive drawing/painting, imagery is built up and disfigured, buried, recycled, reworked, excavated and defaced until a satisfying emotive presence and compositional balance is achieved. Close attention is put on differentiating between “good” and “bad” intuition –the faint voices that may or may not lead to the right path. Together the paintings have conversations and the suggested space in-between them may exist only in the viewer’s mind. Shining black clouds of dirt are pitted against slime green skylines, blockheads run wild in poly-dimensional bliss. Beneath the sublime canopy of a post-nuclear paradise time bends over and cheap sunglasses abound. Hard focus makes grass grow. Painting as cremation of an idea. Cracking statues waiting patiently for sunrise. Asphalt purring, pink triangles floating and a lonely can of jungle paint rolling down the horizon."

Robin Fry, November 2012

"I aim to create complimentary dissonances within differing aesthetic systems in painting. Possible intersections of graphic art and “pure” abstract art, abject impressionism/traditional decoration, illusory depth/textured reflective surface, depictions of toxic waste spillage/sublime garden-scapes, futurist architectonics/Jurassic flora, etc. All such elements must be resolved within a certain zone. Ideally balance is attained within an aesthetic triangle of conflict with three forces operating separately while simultaneously achieving unity."

Robin Fry, June 2012

Robin Fry was born in 1976 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He studied painting at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design (1996-1997) and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (2001-2002). He lived in Toronto from 2002-2009 where he focused on producing and exhibiting painting and sculpture as well as a variety of music projects. He has had solo exhibitions with Helen Pitt Gallery, Paul Petro Special Projects Space and Hunter and Cook Gallery. In July of 2012 he had a solo exhibit with Hiromart Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. He is currently based in Berlin and has been pursuing his music as well as painting.