Christmas Spice

6th annual

November 30 - December 21, 2002

Paul Petro Contemporary Art presents our sixth annual Christmas Spice group exhibition. In addition, we are pleased to host the launch for C Magazine's Winter Issue and a special guest performance, all on opening night!

Stephen Andrews
Amy Bowles
Gary Evans
Andrew Harwood
Sadko Hadzihasanovic
Matthias Herrmann
Jay Isaac
G B Jones
Nancy Kembry
Suzy Lake
Will Munro
Paul P.
and others

On the opening night performance:

"Authorised security and surveillance for Bucky & Fluff's Craft Factory is provided by FASTWURMS and their notorious C. W. A. project. Craftz With Attitude is the world's most dangerous artz + craftz security crew. C.W.A. is Old Religion, old school hot glue gunners working the door with all honour and Witchkraft respect to the hot ladies of the Craft Factory, Allyson and Lex, the hot pink Karen Azoulay, and hot host MC Paul Petro."